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Christian Maturity

God loves us right where we are, and empowers us to grow! At Riverside, we believe there is no end to the depth of the richness of knowing God; there is no limit to what He can do in and through our lives. The following sermons are designed to help you grow from a “child” of God into a man or woman of God.


The following sermons and stories focus on the wonder of Christmas.




Cross and Resurrection

At the very heart of our faith is the cross and resurrection of Jesus. The following sermons take you to the foot of the cross and the empty tomb where we find power and meaning for our lives.


Encouragement for the Journey

Navigating life can be difficult for all of us at times. Whether you’re a new believer, or a veteran saint, these messages bring encouragement and instruction to help you walk with the Lord, even in the tough times.


At Riverside, we are committed to “reverse the fall of the family” in our community. These messages offer encouragement and instruction for building strong homes and relationships.

Guest Speaker


Our Culture

While our “citizenship is in heaven”, we must live our lives, and reflect Jesus and His Kingdom in the ever-changing culture around us. These sermons help give us a biblical perspective on “secular” issues.

Spiritual Maturity

Spiritual Warfare

We live in a war zone! The following sermons are designed to equip you for the battles we face with the enemy of our soul!


The Body of Christ

Jesus is returning someday for a Bride who has “made herself ready”. These messages offer a vision for what Jesus looks for in the Church.

Sermon Topics

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